EcoCooling reports: Safety in workplaces has been brought to the forefront of mind in recent months, with the control of bacteria being more vital than ever. Many businesses that relied on air conditioning to keep temperatures down have had to re-think their cooling solutions due to the hazards associated with the recirculation of air.

UK safety expert ARCO has recently moved its Industrial Hose Division to a new larger facility of 17,500m3, next door to its National Distribution Centre (NDC), on the outskirts of Hull. As one of the UK’s biggest industrial hose distributors, the new facility contains a dedicated and comprehensive range of industrial hose solutions suitable for all types of industries and applications.

As employees begin returning to work, maintaining a safe and socially distanced workplace is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Health hazards such as from noise and dust continue within the workplace, so personal monitoring must continue. However, it can be difficult to deploy personal monitoring equipment while maintaining social distancing. CASELLA a world-leading environmental monitoring manufacturer reports it is enabling companies to overcome social distancing challenges with a new initiative to provide equipment that allows monitoring to continue whilst maintaining social distancing.

New from WILKINSON STAR, one the of the UK’s largest independent distributors of Welding and Industrial Equipment, is the F-Tech Fume technology product range of high vacuum fume extraction systems and welding torches.

SECOMAK says featuring no moving parts, the Clustajet is designed to be ultra-reliable, portable, easy to clean and simple to install and is perfect for transporting dust and fine debris.

Complementing its range of market-leading single use gloves, UNIGLOVES UK – part of UG Healthcare Corporation - one of the world's leading glove manufacturers, has announced it has introduced the protective skincare system, Derma Shield, to its offering. Designed to moisturise, protect and repair the skin, Derma Shield is CE marked and manufactured in the UK to Medical Device Standard ISO 13485. 

MELAPHONE says when its Speech Unit was designed 50 years ago for the booking offices at British Rail stations, nobody could have predicted that half a century later it would suddenly be in such high demand. The current Corona Virus Pandemic had created an urgent need for all protective equipment – both for personal use and in the working environment. This is the reason the Melaphone has come into its own again.

Employers have a legal requirement to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work. The right form of first aid can save lives and prevent a minor injury from becoming a major one. To support businesses in their provision of first aid and first aid training, ARCO, a leading UK safety expert, has created a new expert guide to help.

Using high quality materials, HELLBERG SAFETY says its products are developed and independently tested in real-life situations for optimal performance to deliver products that are comfortable and reliable in any risk environment.

MEIKO says Babcock's Rosyth site is the first UK user of its cleaning and disinfection machine for respiratory protective equipment, which provides Log 5 protection.

With hygiene and cleanliness at the forefront of everyone’s minds, ROCOL has announced new versatile a QUICK & CLEAN cleaning wipes, designed to clean hands, surfaces and tooling when access to water is difficult.

Cable management specialist, HELLERMANN TYTON has launched a new range of PPE for customers and staff to ensure they are protected when they return to work.

WILKINSON STAR says new and exclusive in the UK is its Viro Tech range of Professional Ozone/ UV Sanitising Systems which can eliminate up to 99.99% of surface bound and airborne viruses, bacteria, odours and allergens.

Working to support the country’s essential services in this unprecedented time, loading bay solution specialist THORWORLD INDUSTRIES says it has devised safe practice methods to continue operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing the company to both assist and champion the nation’s collective combative efforts.

Responding to the need for technologies to slow the spread of Covid-19, SICK has developed PeopleCounter and DistanceGuard SensorApps which help to ensure that people keep to the recommended distance apart.

As an extension to its normal DSEAR Risk Assessment Services, by using sophisticated infrared thermography, DSC-Ltd says it can now assist companies to reduce carbon footprint and find potential incoming mains power faults before they become critical.

BERNSTEIN is a specialist manufacturer of enclosures, safety switches and sensors. With local and worldwide value-added capabilities, it says it is the perfect “one stop” solutions partner.

UVEX says the new uvex 2 trend safety shoe range offers real value for money. Whether in the assembly hall or on the production line, indoors or outdoors: uvex 2 trend safety footwear range is suitable for medium duty applications and incorporates numerous proven technologies at an affordable price.

New to the market, UVEX says its megasonic goggle features a revolutionary frameless lens design delivering edge-to-edge, crystal clear, optical class 1 clarity and consistency in every direction. The panoramic lens is approximately 20% larger than similar goggles giving wearers as close to natural vision as possible, eliminating the need to take safety eyewear on and off when walking on difficult surfaces or when moving between workstations — a major advantage when it comes to risk reduction.

UVEX SAFETY has announced the launch of its latest safety footwear – the uvex 1 business, equally at home in both office and factory.

HI-LINE INDUSTRIES, a leading UK designer, manufacturer and installer of air/gas dryers and nitrogen generators, is lending its support to the NHS in combating the current COVID-19 pandemic.

HELLBERG SAFETY specialist PPE products include highly advanced hearing protection products, face protection and communication solutions for personal wellbeing on site.

Following the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak across the world, RRC has temporarily suspended classroom courses for the safety of learners and RRC staff.

RADWELL INTERNATIONAL has announced it has manufactured a foot operated door opener to combat COVID-19 spread.

SNICKERS WORKWEAR says fabric, functionality and fit are its hallmarks and it is the innovation and fabric technology in the design of the new stretchsShorts for men and women that really set these new garments apart.

BOFA International has announced it has launched what is thought to be the fume extraction industry’s first ever Training Academy.

SNICKERS says its new LITEWork clothing can help customers keep cool when working in sunny, warm and humid environments. The company says the ergonomic, body-mapping trousers, shirts, shorts, mid-layer jackets and windproofers have all the comfort and functionality of other Snickers Workwear stretch garments but give extra freedom of movement on site.

SNICKERS WORKWEAR says its ProtecWork range has new additions to its protective wear garments including Class 1 and 2 hi-vis work trousers, tops and sweat shirts.

The Hultafors Group’s PPE portfolio already includes market-leading tools, workwear and protective wear brands such as Snickers Workwear, Solid Gear and Toe Guard safety footwear, Hellberg Safety and Hultafors Tools.

HELLBERG says its SAFE face protection range offers visor solutions to suit a variety of different internal and external work environments. With a standard product design across all the products, the visors and carriers can be combined with hearing protectors and safety helmets for more complete solutions, or be used as individual visor solutions.

SNICKERS WORKWEAR says its hi-tech fabrics and body-mapping designs give plenty of scope for every professional craftsman and woman to stretch their performance on site comfortably. Designed for a wide variety of jobs on site, the company says these LiteWork 4-way stretch work trousers are the ideal choice if you’re working hard in warmer weather.

British manufacturer, COBA EUROPE, reports it has used A+A Dusseldorf to launch its brand new 2019/20 safety matting and flooring catalogue, and unveil some innovative new floor safety products to the health and safety sector.

SNICKERS says there’s one thing that professional tradesmen and women can’t do without if they want to get their jobs done properly – healthy hands.

SNICKERS says street-smart, stylish looks and market-leading GORE-TEX and 37.5 fabric technology make these jackets and trousers a must for winter on site or for outdoor leisure activities.

MEWA Textile Management says for commercial garages and repair workshops leaks and spills are part of the working environment. For most, the cleaning and disposal of liquids like fuels, hydraulic fluid and lubricating oils involves little more than blue roll and drip trays. But is this safe, compliant, reliable and economical? 

SNICKERS WORKWEAR says this fully accredited and independently tested protective wear for heat, flame, electrical arc and chemical risk environments delivers market-leading risk-protection in a wide range of hazardous working environments.

COBA EUROPE says its Orthomat anti-fatigue matting has been installed by Hotter at its Lancashire headquarters, considered to be one of the most advanced shoe-making facilities in the world.

SNICKERS says these new ALLroundWork jackets and gilets are just what the name suggests – delivering a great all-round performance on site with a Ripstop water-resistant outer fabric and a coated inner fabric for extra durability.

Any engineer working on a structure project, be that bridge or building, obviously need to ensure that it is safe and comfortable for use. Despite those images of swaying buildings (think the Millennium Bridge ‘wobble’ here), human footfall isn’t particularly likely to cause structure catastrophe, but it is, nonetheless, important for human induced vibration to be taken into account.

Part of the Hultafors Group UK’s portfolio of premium-branded workwear, tools, protective wear and safety footwear, the TOE GUARD range of shoes and boots is said to deliver great value safety footwear for all kinds of working environments and weather conditions.

By Paresh Kansara, Rittal’s product manager for Industrial & Outdoor Enclosures

CASTLE says its latest innovation has made complicated environmental noise monitoring a thing of the past. With live data streamed directly to, solar panels and lithium battery options, the E-Box has all the bases covered with 3 options available, The LITE, POWER and LIVE.

SOLID GEAR says combining maximum comfort and protection with a robust and durable design, the Onyx is available as a shoe or a boot and is ideal for different types of on-site work.

MARTINDALE ELECTRIC says when it comes to testing portable appliances, its HPAT Series of portable appliance testers now includes the HPAT400 and new updates to its existing range, to enable both contractors and competent in-house personnel to quickly and safely verify the electrical safety of all types of appliances.

SNICKERS WORKWEAR says September sees the next generation of work trouser choices from a premier brand of working clothes for professional tradesmen and women.

SNICKERS says as working clothes on site go, there’s a big difference between conventional electrician’s workwear and specialist ProtecWork garments from Snickers Workwear, which includes protective wear for electricians.

PULSAR INSTRUMENTS has announced that one of its most popular interactive noise warning signs, the Pulsar SafeEar, has now been reinvented to be weatherproof and dustproof. The company says this new SafeEar IP65 Weatherproof Noise-Activated Warning Sign works just like its original signs that light up when a pre-set noise level is reached to warn workers and visitors when they need to put on their hearing protection or when noise levels need to be kept down.

PILZ says new to its safe sensor technology portfolio is the world's first safe complete radar solution for protection zone monitoring. It comprises the safe radar system "LBK System" from Inxpect S.p.A. and the configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2. As radar technology is fundamentally insensitive to external influences such as dust, rain, light, sparks or even shock, the solution provides safe, economical monitoring even in the most rugged environments where optoelectronic sensors and technologies cannot guarantee availability.

EGE says launching the IGEX20a inductive proximity switch, it presents a compact sensor with ignition protection type Ex m (encapsulation). The company says, observing the relevant installation standards and conditions, it can be used directly in zones 0/20 without any further switching amplifier.

The AMO M10 is a new low cost industrial pressure transmitter designed for general purpose pressure measurement. This sensor is rugged and durable, and can provide accurate measurement even under harsh conditions, available in gauge, absolute and sealed gauge versions. The MPM489 model is the ATEX approved version certified to ATEX Exia IIC T4 Ga .

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