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Fluke, a global technology leader in the manufacture of compact, professional electronic test and measurement tools and software, has announced the expansion of its Premium Care support packages to include a wider range of market-leading industrial and electrical tools.

Tan Delta Systems, a manufacturer of real-time oil quality monitoring sensors and systems is leading the way within the plant, works and maintenance sector with the launch of SENSE-2. The new oil condition monitoring kit provides real-time data about machine oil quality to optimise maintenance and reduce operating costs.

Christopher Hallum, UE Systems North Europe Operations Manager looks at the role of ultrasound as a condition monitoring tool and why using vibration and ultrasound together is the best way to reach excellence in your maintenance practices

Martin Hurley, business development manager for industrial automation specialist Novotek Ireland, looks at how you can improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Applications that require precise information on the linear or angular movement of an object rely on the accuracy of motion sensors within. Accelerometers and gyroscopes can be used to provide this movement data, and utilising developments in MEMS technologies means this is all possible within a much smaller space envelope. But as we push for increased functionality in smaller spaces, what can custom ICs do to benefit? Richard Mount, Director of Sales at ASIC design and supply company Swindon Silicon Systems explains. 

A collaboration of four leading Cumbrian SMEs are embarking on a pioneering venture to establish "Resolve Engineered Solutions".

Acorn Industrial Services, a leading power transmission stockist has announced it has become the first company in the UK to be awarded new maintenance product partner status by bearing and maintenance product manufacturer - SKF.

Winches play a crucial role in ensuring ship passenger safety in the maritime industry. Responsible for lowering and lifting lifeboats and liferafts to and from the water surface, winches must be reliable, repeatable and easy-to-use. Technidrive, a bespoke integrated automation systems provider, says it recently tackled a challenge posed by Survitec, a manufacturer and supplier of liferafts, Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) and offshore rental PPE, to create a winch solution for its liferafts.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS), a provider of energy management systems to water suppliers, asked Ovarro to assist in improving the way data is presented to its clients? PWE reports

Monitoring the condition of large industrial equipment fleets is challenging and, without the necessary insights, it can be hard to understand the health and performance of assets. To help operators overcome this challenge, industrial digital solutions provider WEG has launched its new WEGscan sensor. By integrating WEGscan into their fleet, operators can monitor a wide range of equipment, including reducers, gear motors and compressors, helping operators reduce costs and improve predictive maintenance.

Reducing downtime owing to machine faults and breakdowns is important for all industries, but with marine equipment typically being in a remote location, how do we react when problems occur? Andrew Powles Managing Director at FPE Seals explains further.

Optimal utilsation of assets, low downtime and low maintenance costs ensure the highest possible productivity. This requires an intelligent EAM solution for registering and analysing the data

The latest Talking Industry (TI) panel discussion discussed how digital technologies can be used in maintenance activities. What can you learn from machines using digital techniques, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)? TI Chair, Andy Pye reports.

Mitsubishi Electric has released a 24VDC digital input plug-in module for its FR-E800 range of variable speed drives (VSDs). PWE takes a closer look.

Phil Heine is celebrating T-Cards Direct’s 60th Anniversary. Developed by his father, the company has played an important role in the engineering sector throughout this period and PWE caught up with Phil to learn a bit more about the concept and history of the company.

Clive Jones, Managing Director of thermal fluid specialist Global Heat Transfer, explains how proactive thermal fluid management is the key to safe and efficient operations.

Donal Bourke, Director of Sales at PEMAC discusses the common trends emerging in maintenance management across industries and the pivotal role of Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) in the era of Maintenance 4.0.

The continued contraction of the UK manufacturing sector further underlines the importance of digital inspection and condition monitoring technology to avoid unplanned maintenance costs in Q3 2023 and beyond, says Alfa Laval’s new Service Operations Manager.

Fluke Reliability, will be discussing a new vision for the future of maintenance on Stand A42 at Maintec 2023, part of Manufacturing & Engineering Week.

Permits are a crucial part of maintenance work. They ensure that the work carries out safely and that everyone involved understands the risks and responsibilities. There are multiple ways you can handle permits. Is digitalisation the answer to it?

PWE looks at how an online monitoring solution using ultrasonic sensors was able to detect an issue on a critical bearing before it turned into a big problem.

Anyone with responsibility for warehouse equipment must consider the question of if the equipment is faulty, do you repair or replace? Rite-Hite’s Thorsten Mauritz explains further.

Maintec returns on 7th and 8th of June 2023 at Birmingham’s NEC as part of Nineteen Group’s Manufacturing & Engineering Week (M&E Week) www.mandeweek.co.uk . PWE reports

Global miner Anglo American has overcome persistent reliability problems at an important iron ore project in Brazil with the help of Sulzer pump specialists. PWE reports.

Johan Jonzon, CMO and Co-Founder of edge analytics platform developer, Crosser, explains how edge analytics provides instantaneous data to prevent unscheduled downtime.

Do you ever wish you had x-ray eyes to see inside a machine to predict exactly when it will fail? The reality is probably a relentless routine of maintenance checklists and service inspections, together with time-consuming preventive procedures. Nevertheless, unexpected lapses in product quality and machine failures are still likely to happen. PWE spoke to David Hannaby, Market Product Manager for SICK UK to find out more.

ABB has acquired a minority stake in Swedish start-up Viking Analytics via its venture capital unit, ABB Technology Ventures (ATV). The strategic partnership to develop the next generation of predictive asset health analytics for electrical equipment, will allow customers to predict anomalies before they become a risk to their operations. Financial details of the investment were not disclosed.

Sulzer engineers custom boiler feed pumps with updated hydraulic design for 50% less than replacement cost. PWE reports

In February next year at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre, Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2023 will host nearly 600 firms exhibiting a vast array of components, equipment, software and services

PWE takes a look at some of the latest problem-solving solutions from Turck Banner in machine safety, diagnostics and data security

PWE spoke to Donal Bourke, Sales Director, and Stephen Davis, Marketing Director, at PEMAC who explain how optimisation services can increase the return on investment of CMMS software projects and support maintenance improvement programmes.

The manufacturing industry is facing a plethora of external challenges: supply chain disruptions, labour shortages and vast globalisation are amongst those at the top of many lists. Against the backdrop of vast international competition, these external factors have undoubtedly created heightened pressures for manufacturers to outperform their counterparts. Colin Crow, managing director of Nexer UK, reports.

Steam specialist TLV Euro Engineering has launched the FJ32, a range of free-float steam traps designed for process applications including jacketed pans, heat exchangers and vulcanisers that, while adopting the universal QuickTrap connection, can be regularly, safely and easily removed, repaired and reused.

Research conducted by the Tork brand reveals that a large number of machine operators are needlessly interrupted at least 20 times during their workday by having to fetch or dispose of wiping and cleaning products.

The manufacturing industry is facing a plethora of external challenges: supply chain disruptions, labour shortages and vast globalisation are amongst those at the top of many lists. Against the backdrop of vast international competition, these external factors have undoubtedly created heightened pressures for manufacturers to outperform their counterparts. Could AI and AR be the solution? Colin Crow, managing director of Nexer UK reports

PWE looks at why remote telemetry units (RTUs) and advanced software will be crucial for managing more diverse, renewable energy sources.

While an increasing number of enterprise companies and some SMEs are adopting digitally transformative technology, the UK continues to fall behind other nations, including the US and Germany. Andy Pye chaired an international panel to explore the trends

New pump internals from Sulzer solve reliability issues and improve productivity for chemical processing plant. PWE reports.

Dr Martin Lawrence, Combustion Development Specialist at Air Products, looks at how digitalisation can enhance aluminium recycling to boost efficiency.

Chris Measor, Winding Assistant Manager at electro-mechanical specialist Houghton International explains how preventative maintenance can improve the sustainability of electric motors.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software provider Ultimo has added an autonomous maintenance feature to its platform to allow plant operators to carry out and track simple maintenance tasks using the same software as the maintenance team. PWE takes a closer look.

ntegrating a CMMS or Maintenance Management System with inventory, accounting, purchasing systems and other enterprise management systems is essential for many organisations. PWE reports

Precise and consistent dosing accuracy ensures product quality. However, as the repeatable accuracy of valve actuation typically declines over time, monitoring valve actuation is crucial. Failure to do so can not only reduce dosing performance, it can also lead to unplanned maintenance that will impact productivity and service levels. Implementing a valve actuation monitoring system is the answer. PWE looks at how to monitor valve actuation rates.

A partnership to help customers improve efficiency and increase safety in field maintenance jobs has been launched by Ultimo and XMReality.

A low-cost remanufacturing solution that can extend the life of parts used within manufacturing by 120%, helping UK manufacturers to embrace the circular economy, boost sustainability, and save costs, has been created by Additive manufacturing and machining engineers at the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS) which is operated by the University of Strathclyde. PWE reports.

By making industrial plants more adaptive, AI can help save the planet says Dominic Gallello*, who looks at how new digital solutions can meet the challenge.

Phrases like ‘Smart Manufacturing’, ‘Industry 4.0’ and the ‘Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are widely used terminology in the context of today’s manufacturing environment. However, these concepts, which embody the idea of using technology to benefit manufacturers, are slow to be adopted, particularly by companies operating within more mature, traditional sectors. PWE reports.

Manufacturers face the ongoing challenge of delivering goods in greater volumes and speeds while keeping prices competitive in an overcrowded market. Automation that features software integrated solutions are helping manufacturers meet these challenges by providing precision and versatility through intelligent systems that increase order fulfilment and improve quality control. Steffen Thierfelder, Managing Director, Northern Europe of Dematic UK and Ireland, explains more

A German wine producer has improved its productivity by retrofitting an anti-corrosion chain on its conveyor system. The company invested in a Tsubaki Neptune chain that has increased service life and reduced downtime with less frequent replacement and maintenance requirements. The upgraded chain has also reduced the total cost of ownership.

Louis Tuttle* takes a look at why maintenance systems fail

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