In the fast-evolving digital landscape, manufacturers face unique cybersecurity challenges, with IoT devices experiencing an average of 5,200 attacks per month. Add in ageing equipment, and the challenge to maintain operational resilience increases exponentially. Jeremy Whittingham, industry consultant and member of the Advanced Engineering* team highlights the vulnerabilities associated with outdated technology and provides manufacturers with insights on mitigating risks.

Disruptive digital and automation technologies such as artificial intelligence, interconnected devices and data analytics are enabling building managers to optimise energy use and reduce emissions. Dr Thorsten Müller* discusses the smart buildings revolution and a pioneering project in Vietnam.

Floor cleaning and maintenance are at the heart of any building care operation and industrial premises are no exception. The variety of flooring has grown as manufacturers develop new materials and products designed for better safety, greater resilience, lower costs, and other benefits. Meanwhile, innovations from floorcare suppliers aim to make cleaning and maintenance simpler, less expensive, and more sustainable. This has increased the number of options but also made choosing the right product for a particular application more complex than ever before. Terry Burt* reports.

The big news over the past few years in lighting circles has been the move to LED lighting for energy reasons. But LEDs offer much more than mere lighting, as Andy Pye explains.

Businesses spend a lot of money to stand out. Presentation is all important, and the attention to detail in maintaining a brand’s reputation commands significant investment. However, standing out for all the wrong reasons is something that also comes at a cost. PWE reports.

David W. Neville, S.S. White Technologies, Inc, takes a look at the benefits of flexible shafts in industrial drain cleaning.

Matt Hale, international sales & marketing director, HRS Heat Exchangers, discusses ten of the most common mistakes that can occur as a result of poorly-specified or badly-installed heat exchanger systems – and, most importantly, how you can avoid them on your next project.

LED based lighting is an energy efficient technology that offers long life, low carbon emissions and high quality illumination Graeme Shaw, technical application manager at Zumtobel, explains why it’s time for industrial and manufacturing facilities to make the switch.

A host of potential air quality dangers plague our buildings. Peter Dyment, technical manager of leading filter manufacturer Camfil explains what facilities managers can do to help protect building occupants from them.

Dave Friar, international operations director at Boulting, international engineering solutions provider, considers what you should do when preparing to hand over maintenance control on an overseas project.

Is poor lighting putting your workforce’s health at risk? PWE reports.

Anders Hellqvist, assortment manager wiping & cleaning at Tork, looks at why non-woven wipes, rather than rags, could be an essential cleaning solution, helping to improve business efficiency, productivity and compliance to health and safety procedures.

Forklift trucks need fast and easy access to and from premises, taking goods and pallets out to, or bringing them in from, delivery vehicles. Maximum transport efficiency would be afforded simply by a hole in the wall; but of course there are security considerations and the need to prevent heat/cold transfer. Naturally, then, there are doors, and for every door there is an ideal door control system. Paul Rudge of sara LBS examines the various choices, and highlights the advantages, disadvantages and installation requirements for each.

Upgrading to LED lighting for industrial/logistics lighting applications has the potential to deliver many benefits. To fully realise these benefits, it’s important to understand some key characteristics of LED lighting, says Simon Miles, sales director of Carbon8lighting.

Dave Dyer, technical sales engineer at thermal fluid specialist Global Heat Transfer offers his advice for facilities managers who want to better understand their thermal fluid.

Chris Budd, head of technical solutions at Watco, manufacturer of industrial strength flooring products, gives tips and advice on jobs to be done this Spring to maintain a safe working environment.

Access gantries and platforms are so much part of the industrial landscape that they are often taken for granted. However, they can make a massive contribution to site safety and operational efficiency and provide access to difficult to reach areas. Andy Shedden, head of sales and commercial of A & J Fabtech looks at their design, manufacture and maintenance.

Improper site management can cause accidents as a result of a hazardous liquid spillage or worse, injuries to employees from spillages which could have been avoided. Bruce Wishart, founder and managing director at Empteezy, has shared his insight into effective premises management and three key factors to take into consideration.

Adrian Trevelyan, service manager at Airedale takes a look at five cost saving benefits of switching to EC fans in HVAC equipment.

Rob Morris, country manager for Powervar UK explains how innovations in facilities management can help businesses strive for a more energy efficient way of working.

Rob Morris, country manager for Powervar UK explains how innovations in facilities management can help businesses strive for a more energy efficient way of working.

Efficiency and cost effectiveness are crucial in the logistics sector. Companies are facing major challenges due to tough competition and rising cost pressures, and at the same time customers and legislators are placing increasing value on ecologically sustainable solutions. For this reason, Schachinger Logistik Holding GmbH says it has optimised the logistics processes at its Stockerau site. PWE reports.

The answer to this question that pops into most people’s head comes from a Christmas cracker, but Louise Nurse, sales manager for sara LBS, is more likely to respond: ‘When it is a part of an industrial or logistics facility.’

When selecting LED lighting for industrial, marine or oil & gas applications, buyers are often bombarded with a plethora of technical information from suppliers. Buyers should therefore benchmark suppliers based on key technical parameters, says Alan Mellows of Glamox International.

The majority of engineering and manufacturing companies operating today have weathered the 2008–13 economic crisis but they increasingly face a new challenge – accessing appropriate funds to now develop and grow their businesses. PWE spoke to Robert Keep, the Principal at Norton Folgate, leasing and financing specialists, who explains how alternatives to bank overdraft funding can be successfully accessed.

John Mitchell, global business development manager of supply, repair and field service specialist, CP Automation, shares his top tips for companies that want to commission or replace harmonic filters.

Are traditional working practices fit for the demands of 21st century business? The rapid evolution of digital communication, the requirement for innovative thinking in competitive markets and the fluctuating demands of global economies are conspiring against the rigid structures of the past. As a result, businesses of all sizes are reassessing the nine-to-five routine and considering new ways of working that are more adaptive to the environment in which we find ourselves. PWE reports.

Busy loading bays can be frantic places and therefore dangerous, but automation can be the key to maintaining order while ensuring safety and enhancing productivity. Tony Saunders of sara LBS explores the options for optimising operations.

In the event of a hazardous liquid spill, failure to have the correct reactive procedures in place can have huge implications on a business’s operations. Clean-up bills, potential injury and plant downtime only scratch the surface of problems commonly associated. Neil Thorp, Spill Control expert from ERIKS UK, explains the steps you can take to mitigate the risk of liquid spills.

When selecting a warm air heating solution for large spaces such as factories and warehouses it’s important to be aware of the options available and select the most appropriate technology. *Phil Brompton of Powrmatic discusses the issues with PWE.

When it comes to selecting an enterprise-wide alarm management system, businesses should consider the pros and cons of a third party specific alarm management tool over a DCS vendor’s offering, says Jason Cook, product manager at MAC Solutions.

Warehouse and factory managers are under increasing pressures to reduce the overall running costs of their facilities. PWE reports.

PWE spoke to Dr Alex Mardapittas, managing director at green technology company, EMSc UK Ltd, who explains how new voltage optimisation technology could play a pivotal role in helping companies hit their increasing energy efficiency targets.

For any facilities management team, the delivery of services in a manufacturing plant requires a thorough understanding of a number of critical factors, which are essential to the productivity and profitability of the plant. In particular, the challenge of adapting to changing production schedules and the ability to manage the health and safety risks inherent in any site are key to success. Guy Bruce, managing director - Industrial at Interserve reports.

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