Hart’s airports mapped out

Published:  27 June, 2024

Hart’s map of its international airports’ contracts has been upgraded to include its most recent one at Aruba, the island nation in the southern Caribbean Sea just north of the coast of Venezuela.

“It is an impressive display of our global reach,” says Doug Hart, Chairman and Founder of Hart Door Systems. “And it underlines the value of our broad range of industrial doors enabling us to deliver solutions through our Speedor range of highspeed doors and our specialist shutters which includes our Conveyor door which is designed to integrate with third-party baggage handling systems.”

Mr Hart adds: “I think it is a fair comment to say that 24 hours a day somewhere in the World there is a Hart door in operation at an international airport. As the map shows we range from the Falklands in the south, to Vladivostok in the east, Bergen to the north, Aruba in the west and a lot between.

“This is a tremendous accolade for the entire team at Hart. Our product specialism for airports is second to none and comes from our policy to drive airport door systems development and product testing that ensures the systems produced by Hart are reliable and work as specified.

“Airport doors play a huge role in the safety and security within airports, and specialist door systems play an integral part in controlling key areas. Our doors aid the management of security and fire risks by securing zones from the public or intruders and by providing a physical barrier from attack or reducing fire spread.

“The Hart Speedor Conveyor door is designed to integrate with third-party baggage handling systems. It is supplied as a built unit with easy ‘plug and play’ installation. Hart has the airport experience to deliver the required solutions in exceptionally busy environments.

“For automated security and fire separation, individually or collectively, Hart developed operating systems to be able to consider integration of doors into the building security and management systems along with standards compliance.

“For high wind resistance Typhoon roller shutters resist wind up to 3000 pascals and high security to BRE standards SR4 Terror Screen is your answer.

“Using these systems allows zones to be secured from intruders, delivering attack, threat and fire/smoke-spread prevention as well as safety for the public. We are even contributing to an airport’s environmental strategy through the doors’ energy saving qualities.

“All in all our considerable investment in product development that conform with relevant standards across the Globe has been very worthwhile not just for us but for our many clients.”


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