Cold showers

Published:  04 August, 2016

Empteezy_shower_in_action.JPGEMPTEEZY says if customers are about to take a cold shower it recommends that they don’t.The company says ANSI Z358.1-2014 establishes universal minimum performance and use requirements for Emergency Eyewash and Drench Shower equipment used for the treatment of the eyes, face, and/or body of a person who has been exposed to hazardous materials and/or chemicals.

One of the most significant areas of the standard covers water temperature, stating that tepid water is crucial, but often overlooked and defines it as; a flushing fluid temperature conducive to promoting a minimum of 15 minute irrigation with the suitable temperature range being 16°C to 38°C. The water flow rate needs to be 75.7ltr per minute for the full 15 minutes.

Empteezy says medical professionals recommend that tepid water is used to treat chemical injuries to eyes and body tissue because temperatures that exceed 38°C can enhance chemical interaction with the eyes and skin and additionally, flushing liquid temperatures below 16°C can cause hypothermic shock. The company says for the full lowdown on the ANSI Standard or to arrange a no obligation site visit to discuss specific application please make contact on: tel: 01506 430309, email: , web: Empteezy ANSI compliant Tanks Shower or

E-Book: Emergency Safety Shower & Eyewash Book

t: 01506 430309



Click here for the full unedited version of the release as provided by the company

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