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Published:  17 March, 2016

hygiena.jpgA major challenge for brewers can be to make safe quality beer that maintains consumer confidence, while meeting retailer expectations and minimising both costs and wastage. This has reportedly been achieved in many microbreweries by using a simple rapid test, to determine the hygienic quality of their production equipment and working surface areas.

Langham Brewery is a small independent steam-powered microbrewery and the brewery’s partners attribute much of its success in producing quality and consistent beer to maintaining high sanitation processes and keeping the busy brewery operations spic and span. A core part of these processes is said to be achieved utilising the SystemSURE Plus products from HYGIENA INTERNATIONAL for the quick and accurate ATP testing of surface areas.

ATP testing is said to be a simple and affordable test method which verifies cleaning effectiveness in seconds. The science is based on the detection of organic residues on surfaces and in water samples using a bioluminescent reaction. Pen-shaped test devices contain a modified firefly enzyme that reacts with organic material to produce light, which is then measured in a handheld meter (called a luminometer) about the size of a TV remote control. The luminometer converts the light output into an RLU number (Relative Light Unit): the lower that number, the cleaner the surface (or less contamination in the water sample if a CIP system is being tested).

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