Tube life extended

Published:  25 September, 2015

Sandvik-lance-tube.jpgYong Steel Group Co. Ltd, a leading iron and steel producer in China, reports it was able to extend the service life of its pulverised coal injection (PCI) lance tubes from as little as one month to a year. This was achieved by replacing standard grade tubing with SANDVIK 253 MA.

Sandvik 253 MA is an austenitic chromium-nickel steel that is designed for excellent high temperature oxidation resistance and carburisation corrosion resistance and good high temperature strength. Sandvik says these properties have proven key to reducing the cost of PCI through improved energy efficiency and production consistency.

“We understand that our customers require lance tubing that is capable of higher performance and longer service life, in order to fully realise the remarkable economic benefits made possible by PCI applications,” said David Zhou, technical marketing specialist, Sandvik.

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Click here for the full unedited version of the release as provided by the company

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