Sub-zero hot chocolate

Published:  29 June, 2009


 For many, hot chocolate is the perfect end to a day's skiing or snowboarding.  Yet producing a perfect cup from a vending machine is far from an easy task in sub-zero temperatures. To maintain beverage quality the dosing pump required to deliver the correct measure has to provide a consistent flow rate.  At average temperatures this isn"t an issue.  However at the low temperature of a ski resort the chocolate syrup becomes highly viscous and the flow rate is compromised.


For a standard pump this presents a problem but for the British pump manufacturer Verderflex Autoclude it was easily solved by a modification to one of its OEM panel mounted peristaltic pumps.  The M2000 is a high flow rate model and based on a patented, seal-less design.  This ensures good hygiene as only the tube - in this case dovetail section silicone tube suitable for high temperature fluids – comes into contact with the chocolate syrup.


The Verderflex Autoclude OEM range is already noted for its high suction capability.  Even on standard models a pump will lift a liquid, such as water, by as much as 8.5m.  However for this vending machine application even greater suction was required.  This has been achieved on the M2000 unit without altering the flow rate by the fitting of a modified autoclavable cartridge.  No internal backflow on this pump ensures accurate dosing without slip providing repeatability of typically ±0.2% and metering capability of ±2%.

Thanks to the inherent benefits of the Verderflex Autoclude OEM pump and the company’s ability to tailor the model to suit the application, the vending machine manufacturer can guarantee the quality of its beverages, whatever the ambient temperature.


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