Walk-behind scrubber drier

Published:  08 July, 2011

The new Taski by Diversey swingo 1850 walk-behind scrubber drier incorporates a number of design and ergonomic features to promote economical operation, ease-of-use and life-long sustainability. Its large water tank and patented water control system ensure that the machine can clean areas up to 2500m2 between refills for maximum productivity. This makes the scrubber drier ideal for high performance conventional and daytime cleaning in retail, healthcare and general applications.

The water pick-up system incorporates an advanced W-shaped squeegee that removes more than 99% of water from the floor. This leaves the floor clean and dry, which means it can be walked on almost immediately, ideal for daytime cleaning and other applications where public access needs to be maintained. By keeping the floor clean and dry the machine reduces the risk of slips, one of the biggest causes of accidents in the workplace and public areas.

The wide working width of 850mm helps operators to improve their productivity and achieve significant time savings over otherwise comparable machines. Up to 3825m2 of floor can be cleaned each hour with more area cleaned by each pass of the machine.

The new machine saves up to 40% of cleaning solution compared to conventional machines by using a patented Cleaning Solution Dosing (CSD) system. This automatically adjusts the amount of solution being used to match the machine’s speed. No puddles are left on the floor even when slowing down to turn corners. Further savings are made if the machine is equipped with the Taski by Diversey JFit dilution control system that accurately delivers cleaning product direct to the pipes supplying the scrubber mechanism. This ensures consistent solution for optimum cleaning performance. There is no need to prepare solution before starting work, or to rinse the tank afterwards, which eliminates product wastage and saves time before and after the shift.

 The swingo 1850 reduces energy consumption of 20% compared with conventional machines. Its large batteries offer a runtime of over four hours which makes it suitable for extended areas and demanding cleaning tasks with minimal work stoppages. It can be used with the XFC (extra fast charge) batteries for additional energy savings of around 20% compared with standard units. XFC also allows frequent and intermittent opportunity or top-up charging, which reduces machine downtime and promotes overall productivity.

Cleaning preparation and maintenance tasks are simplified by a number of features also found on other Taski machines. For example, all parts needing frequent maintenance checks, such as squeegee, brushes and filters, are colour coded in yellow to make it easy to identify components and simplify operator training.

Direct suction from the squeegee to the recovery tank reduces the possibility of blockages. However, if a blockage should occur, the operator can clear it easily themselves whereas most conventional machines must be serviced by a technician.

A lightweight handle with height adjustable controls and hand protectors at the side help to make the machine ergonomic and easy to use. An ideal weight balance and sensitive speed control simplify manoeuvrability. These features help to reduce operator fatigue and training to a minimum for life-long reliability and optimum performance.


For further information please visit: http://www.diversey.com/

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