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Data embedded barcodes

Published:  17 May, 2019

With the demand for a reduction in food waste increasing, most major retailers are now taking steps to improve their supply chain and help reduce food wastage with one initiative being the use of data embedded barcodes on some of their shorter shelf life products.

So how can a barcode help in the drive to reduce food waste? Currently in the distribution chain before delivery to store, the barcoded information already on the pallets, cases and trays provides visibility and accurate knowledge about where products are, and what shelf life they possess. However, once they are in store the retailer loses that visibility.

A new type of barcode (the Data Embedded Barcode or DEB) has been introduced which is printed onto the item of sale. In addition to identifying the product, as the existing barcode does, it also contains the expiry date and possibly batch identification data. By scanning this barcode in store when stocking the shelf as well as at the checkout, the retailer acquires real time information about what stock is on the shelf and how much life it has left.

Scanning of the larger codes poses no problem for the AUTOCODING solution. All products can be scanned in the same way using an inline barcode scanner, with all the information held in the DEB checked on a per product basis against the details in the AutoCoding database. If any details are incorrect or missing, the packaging line will be stopped ensuring problems can be rectified prior to product leaving the factory.

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