Small bore tubing: planning the route – part 1

Published:  03 March, 2016

This is part of a series of articles based on guidance provided in the British Fluid Power Association’s newly introduced training course titled ‘Small Bore Tubing Integrity Course – using twin ferrule compression fittings’. This month, we present part 1 of guidance regarding planning the layout of a tube system. 

Before installation, consideration must be given to the layout of the system. Consideration should be given to the number of fittings and lengths of tubing required for the installation.

Correct planning will save time and could prevent having to re-run new tubes at a later stage. Points to consider would include but are not limited to:

Ensure that access and maintenance points, inspection points, switches etc. are kept clear of tube runs.

Ensure that access to operator controls is not compromised by incorrect installation.


Where possible avoid installing tube runs at foot length; they may be used as a foot rest or ladder and could represent a trip hazard.


Tube clamps should be used to prevent long tube runs from sagging and minimise stress on the twin ferrule compression fitting.

Tube size, length and fluid density will determine the amount of supports required.

Tube clamps should not support additional components such as filters, regulators and lubricators for example. These should be supported separately.


Where possible, avoid installing tube at head height. Tubing must not be used as a ladder, or to support any additional weight.


More information

The above information has been edited from course booklet for the British Fluid Power Association’s new training course titled ‘Small Bore Tubing Integrity Course – using twin ferrule compression fittings’. For more information about the new course and how you or your staff can enrol, please contact the Association at: For general enquiries, please contact:, or Tel: 01608 647900.

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