Infrared furnace camera

Published:  17 September, 2009

Flir’s ability to inspect furnaces using infrared dates back to 1979, but its new Flir GF309 is the first portable infrared camera dedicated for the purpose.  However, just because it has been equipped with a special mid-wave flame filter that is specifically engineered for high temperature inspection, the application scope of this camera is much greater.  As well as being able to see through flames it can also be used for high accuracy electrical and mechanical inspection too, considerably enhancing its value.


Suitable for monitoring all types of gas-fired furnaces, chemical heaters and coal-fired boilers, the Flir GF309 measures temperatures from -40°C to +1500°C with an accuracy of ±1°C across the range.  To protect the camera and the operator it has a contoured, nickel-coated heat-shield to reflect the heat.  It is ideal for a range of extreme temperature applications including inspecting tubes for reduced heat transfer due to scale build-up. Overheating tubes, not detected by thermocouples, is another good application example.  If left unchecked localised tube failure will follow resulting in increased process cost.


The Flir GF309 provides temperature readings across the entire surface of the heater, boiler and furnace without the need to interrupt the process.  It allows inspection to be accomplished faster and safer, averting unscheduled shutdowns and costly catastrophic failures. This ability is complemented by this model’s wide operating temperature range and detachable heat-shield.  As a result the Flir GF309 can be used for all manner of electrical and mechanical inspection tasks from predicting the life of a bearing to spotting poor electrical connections.In common with other cameras in the GF-Series this Sterling cooled furnace inspection camera has in-built GPS that automatically documents satellite co-ordinates, enabling swift identification of the problem site and improving repair logistics. It also has a high sensitivity of <25mK so that small faults can be seen at a good range. Additional features include an in-built, high quality visual camera and a lamp for use in dark environments.Lightweight – just 2.4kg – and robust, the Flir GF309 has a high performance and tiltable viewfinder. This can be adapted to the individual user and particularly effective outdoors as it shows a very sharp image without the influence of ambient light or reflection.  A turntable control grip allows the camera to be used in the most comfortable position; programmable direct access buttons and joystick control are integrated into this handle.The choice of automatic or manual focus with 1 – 8 x continuous zoom allows the users to achieve the optimal view with ease.  Image storage in JPEG formats is onto removable SD or SDHC memory card and this model also has burst recording capability.  For further information please visit:

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