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Published:  07 January, 2008

Compressed air systems are safe, reliable and versatile, but they are often taken for granted with scant regard to cost.  An essential resource for industry, business and the public sector, compressed air is often referred to as the fourth utility after electricity, gas and water.  However, unlike the other three utilities, compressed air is generated on-site, and you therefore have much more control over usage and costs.

There are three important reasons why it is worth investing time and effort in reducing compressed air costs:

  • It will save energy and money by identifying and eliminating waste.
  • It will improve the reliability and performance of the compressed air system.
  • It will reduce environmental impact through reduced electricity consumption and consequent lower carbon emissions.

A properly designed and maintained compressed air system that is energy efficient could save you thousands of Pounds each year.  It will also minimise the risk of lost production by increasing the reliability of supply and improve the health and safety aspect of operating a pressurised system.  Every Pound saved goes straight to your bottom line and is a very effective way of increasing profits.

An energy efficient compressed air system is:

  • Well maintained throughout, with all equipment serviced regularly and performance tested.
  • Properly designed to minimise pressure drop with respect to all fittings, air treatment, piping and connections.
  • Monitored continuously or on a regular basis, with specific energy consumption calculated from the data obtained from the system.
  • Used by staff who are aware of the true cost of compressed air and properly trained in the effective use of equipment utilising it.
  • Subject to an ongoing leak management programme.

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