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Comfortable energy savings

Published:  13 July, 2007

By opting for an energy efficient Boge SF60 frequency controlled screw compressor, Orvec - a world wide manufacturer of passenger comfort products - are set to reduce their energy consumption by over 64,000 kwh per annum representing a 42% drop in their annual compressed air energy costs. Orvec chose to finance the new equipment with a Carbon Trust 'Energy-Efficiency' Loan.

Compressed air plays an integral role in the operations factory in Hull where Orvec International Limited manufactures a range of in-flight products used by airlines and transport companies such as pillows, headrest covers and blankets. Used with converting machinery, compressed air assists Orvec in transforming rolls of fabric into such passenger comfort products.

A routine maintenance visit from Orvec's compressed air provider Norman Walker (Machinery), brought to light some necessary repairs to the existing fixed speed screw compressor. The compressor had provided seven years reliable service but now required a major overhaul which prompted Orvec to consider upgrading their system altogether.

Norman Walker consequently recommended data logging the existing system to confirm the current demand for compressed air. As a result Simon Biggs, the managing director of Norman Walker's, presented significant energy savings to Orvec that could be made by upgrading to a BOGE SF Series frequency controlled screw compressor.

The Boge SF series of frequency controlled screw compressors is a low carbon technology product that works strictly in accordance with the compressed air demand by producing the exact volume of compressed air at the pressure required. Frequency control minimises idling time and evens out air demand fluctuations. For Orvec this meant creating a reduction in their annual compressed air energy usage of 64,840 kWh equating to a 42% reduction in their compressed air energy costs per annum.

Realising the benefits of moving to a frequency controlled compressor, Conrad Hoyle, the project engineer at Orvec, opted to replace the ageing compressor with a Boge SF60. Conrad commented: "We previously had a Boge compressor that was very reliable so we had no qualms in opting for a further Boge machine. The figures presented by Norman Walker from the data logging exercise provided quantifiable reasoning to upgrade and also supported our application for a Carbon Trust 'Energy-Efficiency' Loan with which to finance the new equipment."

Now up and running, Conrad concludes: "We are looking forward to realising the forecast energy savings."

For further information please visit: www.boge.co.uk

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