The author Thomas Charlton was the first person to use the often misattributed phrase, "the price of liberty is eternal vigilance." Perhaps if he had he worked in the water treatment industry, he would have said, “the price of production is eternal vigilance.” Cooling towers are the perfect embodiment of this notion as they can accumulate a colossal 275kg of suspended matter in a single year if left untreated. This can lead to a range of issues that can negatively impact everything from efficiency to productivity, explains Simona Vasilescu, marketing manager of NCH Europe’s Water Treatment Innovation Platform.

Brent Hall, technical manager at ICS Cool Energy, offers nine top tips for using glycol in chillers and chilled water systems.

“Prepare your panels now and be ready for next summer”. That’s the message from international panel manufacturer and climate solutions specialists, Rittal.

Don’t wait for the warm weather to arrive before installing an air cooling system, you need to ensure your industrial or commercial premises will stand the heat.

With ever increasing energy prices, the pressure to make savings has never been more urgent. UK industry, faced with the need to remain competitive against the background of a credit crunch is being increasingly squeezed but it is not all doom and gloom according to Simon Garratt, marketing manager for AmbiRad, particularly when it comes to heating.

Watermiser was commissioned to design, manufacture and install a new GRP cooling tower complete with fan silencers and high level access platform, to replace the aging structural timber tower at the Invergordon Grain Distillery site.

Compact heat exchanger and cooling tower combination removes heat and stabilises temperatures in a variety of process industry applications. PWE reports.

There have been many new technologies developed over the last half century to eliminate the need for open evaporative cooling but none of them have the efficiency that straight water-cooling can deliver. Andy Perkins sales manager, Kirton Engineering, reports.

When evaluating the purchase of most types of capital equipment, the obvious factor to consider is price/performance. Yet, an important factor that most people would agree should not be overlooked is added value, an amenity or service - such as warranty or engineering assistance - that substantially increases the worth of the product, or potential ROI. PWE reports.

It pays to invest in refrigerant leak detection as part of your overall maintenance strategy. PWE reports.

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