Oil free, low-pressure air

Published:  30 July, 2007

Atlas Copco’s latest ZB VSD range of turbo compressors offer a combination of high efficiency and low life-cycle cost, providing energy-efficient supply of oil-free, low pressure air for a broad spectrum of critical process operations.  

A wide choice of flow and pressure options is offered throughout the four-model range, comprising the ZB80VSD, ZB100VSD, ZB120VSD and the ZB160VSD. It starts with the ZB 80VSD’s rated input power of 90kW that produces up to 2,300 m3/h (1,000 l/s) at a discharge pressure of 1.1 bar(e), and continues up to the ZB 160VSD 175kW machine that delivers approximately 3000 m3/h (1100 l/s) at 1.7 (bar(e). 

The principal features of these compressors are the total absence of oil in the machine, a high-speed compact motor unit, frictionless, vibration-free variable speed drive and extremely low noise levels down to 67dB(A). 

It’s the components these machines do not need to feature that makes them the preferred choice for total reliability in applications as diverse as waste water treatment aeration, electronic component cooling, fermentation and sparging as well as fluidisation processes within the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries.  

The heart of these units is the Atlas Copco-designed stainless steel, backward lean impeller with labyrinth seals for high efficiency and minimal air leakage. The impeller is directly mounted onto the motor shaft. With no gearbox and maintenance-free, contactless, magnetic bearings, there is a total absence of oil.  So there is no pumping system, no oil heater, and no oil filter. What’s more, non-contact bearings mean no vibrations or friction. The end result of no wear and tear is maximum operational lifetime and a dramatically reduced maintenance requirement.  

The ZB range’s VSD drive reduces energy losses and cooling requirements while offering a higher speed matched to demand in a more compact design. The low noise characteristic of these compressors is the result of a standard baffled sound enclosure combined with vibration-free operation. 

ZB VSD compressors come as a complete package; the standard version featuring an air inlet system, including filters, sound enclosure, outlet check valve, blow-off valve with silencer, electronic controller, and ready-to-start electric equipment. Options include LAN or Internet control/monitoring, an air-cooled version of the ZB 80 VSD and a water-cooled aftercooler. 

For large flow volume applications, multiple ZB VSD units can be connected in parallel. Two, three or more units connected in this modular concept offer the advantages of higher availability, reliability through redundancy, greater operating range and efficiency, space saving and expandability. 


For further information please visit: www.atlascopco.co.uk

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