Calculator shows energy cost savings
Published:  15 June, 2009


With factory electricity bills soaring and a likely need for companies to account for energy use in their annual reports, exclusive new software from Parker Legris demonstrates the major cost savings to be made by using its Transair compressed air pipework system in preference to galvanised steel.
The Transair Energy Efficiency Calculator produces a detailed cost and payback analysis based on information from a location's compressor room operation, compressed air network and energy costs. The results can be applied to existing or potential applications.
"Like for like,” says Parker Legris Managing Director, Malcolm Crossley, “the payback time for choosing or converting to even a relatively large Transair system can be as little as fifteen months when compared to galvanised steel. “Perhaps the most significant feature of each energy efficiency report is the high cost of energy to a user who remains with galvanised steel - mostly, thousands of pounds per year.”
The calculator is a dedicated software package developed by Parker Legris and ratified by independent auditors. Calculations used for galvanised  steel are based on BCAS flow rates, with installation costs provided by independent pipework distributors. “In every example,” says Malcolm Crossley, “Transair"s increased flow rates and lower pressure drops show far greater energy savings over galvanised. So much so that in many cases, it is more cost efficient to convert even a recently installed galvanised system to Transair”.
Transair also features leak-free connection and its anti-corrosion properties make it leak-free in use, he says, so adding to energy efficiency.  “In addition to the actual savings in use, the speed of installation is greater than with galvanised, so installation costs are lower.”  As a further incentive, he points to the interest free loans scheme from the Carbon Trust for which Transair qualifies.
Flow rates through Transair pipework  - available in aluminium and stainless steel in diameters from 25mm to 101mm - are far greater than through galvanised steel in equivalent sizes. All Transair pipework and components are guaranteed for 10 years.
Free site surveys and energy saving reports using the new software are available through Parker Legris’ nationwide network of Transair distributors.


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