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Published:  04 July, 2007

UK dairy company, Yeo Valley has taken advantage of a new approach to training projects offered by Festo Didactic, the professional training and consulting division of automation company Festo.

Using a structured method from Festo Didactic called I-D-E-A (Identify, Develop, Engage, Apply), Yeo Valley has instigated a large-scale training programme to familiarise all its engineers and front-line production staff with advanced pneumatics technology. The programme has two key aims; one is to help maximise productivity by providing first line fix engineering machine operators with the necessary skills to recognise impending machine problems and summon assistance from maintenance engineers, before the problem escalates to a full-blown fault. The second aim, in line with the company's commitment to in-service training, is to enable its maintenance engineers to keep abreast of the latest trends in pneumatic and electro-pneumatic automation technology.

Yeo Valley initially approached Festo Didactic to provide training for five engineers at its largest dairy in Blagdon, North Somerset, following a series of successful one-on-one training sessions. Festo Didactic responded by first visiting Blagdon, to demonstrate how it manages training projects using the four-step I-D-E-A approach.

Gary Fuller, product manager for Festo Didactic commented: "Because Festo is an engineering and manufacturing company as well as a training and consulting organisation, we operate within the same economic sector as our clients. This allows us to thoroughly understand the technical and economic challenges faced by our clients, which is a significant advantage compared to most training and consulting companies. The key aim of our I-D-E-A approach to training is to 'enable" clients, so that they can repeat or multiply the effect of successful training without the need for ongoing consultancy support.”

After analysing Yeo Valley’s training needs, and meeting with key stakeholders in the company to ensure that everyone’s training needs and expectations had been properly identified, Festo Didactic developed two custom pneumatics training courses - Level 1 and Level 2. The Level 1 course is to NVQ standard, and provides an introduction to pneumatic technology and basic fault diagnosis, while the Level 2 course, which is in the process of being finalised, provides more detailed training on electro-pneumatic technology and control systems.

For further information please visit: www.festo.com/gb/didactic

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