Sealing threads with an adhesive without using liquid products
Published:  15 July, 2007

Colin Chapman of Henkel, maker of Loctite brand adhesives, provides the answer to this month’s trouble shooting teaser.



Within our factory, there are many overhead pipes that carry steam and compressed air. We have previously used threadsealing adhesives for maintenance purposes, but even the most careful of engineers can spill these products while up a ladder. Is there a way of still sealing threads with an adhesive after routine maintenance without using liquid products?



Yes, there is an answer to your problem. A relatively recent development in the field of anaerobic adhesives – such as threadsealers – is the introduction of ‘sticks’. Most of us are familiar with using glue sticks for everyday jobs around the house such as joining pieces of paper or as part of craft projects. That same technology is now available for much more demanding jobs – including the sealing of threaded joints. These ‘sticks’ are small enough to carry in a pocket and are therefore suitable for use when an engineer is up a ladder. It is simply a case of applying the adhesive to the thread and tightening in the usual way. If necessary, the adhesive could be applied before climbing the ladder. It is thick viscosity means that it will not drip and being anaerobic the adhesive will not sure until the threaded parts are mated. As an aside, these sticks are also available for threadlocking, retaining, gasketing, gasket positioning and anti seize tasks.

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